The sisters behind Endemage are Lubna and Nadia Al Zakwani with the former’s time in ESMOD Dubai fueling their vision to create innovative pieces centered on refreshingly revamped and contemporary looks without forgetting their heritage and culture.

Born out of the minds of Omani sister Lubna and Nadia, Endemage focuses on revolutionizing the world of high-end women’s wear and Arab fashion. Meaning “the merging of two”, Endemage embodies ethnic chic and luxury through a range of ultra-feminine dresses, billowy evening gowns and Arabic designs as well as on-trend separates created using flowing chiffons and silks, embroidered with hand-stitching detailing, reminiscent of old Omani patterns.

While their work is intrinsically tied to their heritage and culture, Endemage is forging a new path for Middle Eastern fashion through an edgy, modern take on upscale dressing, which shines through each silhouette balanced out with feminine touches and a subtle nod to their proud Arabian heritage.